Accura Care is a one stop solution provider for all your domestic drinking water needs. We are expert in servicing all you water, UV Purifiers as well as we install new RO and UV Machines. We are one call away for you Water Purifier Service and Maintenance.
You can get in touch with Accura Care either by calling our customer care no. through Accura Care App, through our website.
Accura Care is an expert in servicing your domestic as well as commercial water purifiers of all brands. We provide AMCs, service on call, part change on call, installations of water purifies, shifting of water purifiers etc. We also have world class quality of RO & UV Purifiers.
Spares provided by Accura Care are best in class. Accura Care uses the best quality spare parts in its service and AMCs. For us the health of customer comes first and for that we do not compromise on the quality of spares.
Customer has to download the app in an android phone and fill his complete details with Name/Address & Phone No. After filling these details, he will get a Massage through Accura Care. Our Service Engineer will call the customer before coming to the customer.
Customer has to fill all his details on the website of www.waterpurifierrepairservices. He will receive a call from Accura Care and the service will be done in 24 to 48 hrs.
Customer has to call the customer care no. of Accura Care. He will receive a complaint no through massage and the service will be done in 24 to 48 hrs.
Accura Care is the most trusted brand in Accura Care with an experience of 10 years into water industry. For us “Customer comes first”. The motto of Accura Care is to provide best service with good quality spares at very affordable price. We have a very easy process for booking a complaint.
Since the parts used in all the water purifiers are consumable parts, they have limited service life. Raw water which is being treated through our water purifiers contains lot many biological and non-biological impurities. To remove those impurities, we need to service our water purifiers on regular intervals.
Once the complaint is registered through Accura Care App/ Care customer care number, your service will be done in next 24 to 48 hrs.
If Accura Care has taken the comprehensive AMC of your Water Purifier where your all the parts are covered in AMC and you get repeat complain in the Water Purifier, Accura Care will solve the problem in next 24 to 48 hrs after registering the complain.
Till 1800 ppm AMC of Accura Care is claims warranty. If the ppm of water increases above 1800, Accura Care is not liable to replace parts of your water purifier in AMC period. All the parts replaced in that period will be chargeable.
If you are our regular AMC customer, you will get the service as per our AMC service contract. If you are a new customer for Accura Care and you require services urgently, you need to book the complain through any of our booking options. We will send you the service engineer in within 3hrs of complaint registered. The visit charges for Express Service will be Rs.699/visit.
According to Accura Care policy every service Engineer has to submit the damages/used spare part of your water purifier. In order to promote quality and discourage duplicity and track record of our original Accura Care spares we do this.
You can get the information of new exciting offers & schemes through our Website & Mobile App.
Your billing will be 100% taxable & the GST on services will be 18%. You will get a invoice copy of your billing through our service engineers.
We are growing day by day. You locate us through our website & App.

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